What defines animal cruelty?  Abandoning an animal?  Leaving an animal at animal control without any information about health, likes, dislikes, behaviors etc?  My daughter recently got a very small dog from a breeder.  The animal was being kept in an outdoor cage in very cold weather.  Does that qualify as animal cruelty?  I see dozens of stories each week about abandoned dogs and cats who are injured, sick or on the verge of salvation.  I wonder how many of their owners ever face even criticism from their peers, much less being held legally responsible for the condition of their animal.  As a country we should be doing a much better job of taking care of our companion animals.


About miketil2012

Retired grandfather who has become involved in the welfare of animals and particularly the No Kill Movement. Proud guardian of 5 cats and two dogs, all rescues. Working towards the day when no dogs or cats die needlessly and all animal abusers are punished appropriately.
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