How can you kill a dog or cat?

I follow a lot of animal rescue sites on Facebook.  Many of them show dogs and cats that are due to be killed within a short period of time, usually a day or two.  The rescues are looking for foster homes and donations to cover vetting and other expenses.

My wife and I at the present time have five cats and two dogs.  I cannot understand how anyone could stick a needle full of poison into one of these dogs or cats pictured.  I can understand someone really needing a job, but when I see statistics of shelters that kill a hundred or more in a day, I would think it would eat away at a person’s soul.  I really think I would starve to death if killing healthy animals was my only source of food.


About miketil2012

Retired grandfather who has become involved in the welfare of animals and particularly the No Kill Movement. Proud guardian of 5 cats and two dogs, all rescues. Working towards the day when no dogs or cats die needlessly and all animal abusers are punished appropriately.
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2 Responses to How can you kill a dog or cat?

  1. Mordanicus says:

    I think I will have less trouble with killing a human being (such as condemned criminal or in case of self-defense) than a non-human animal. Unlike my mother I do not kill musqitoes, I will try to remove annoying insects/spiders from my home rather than to kill them.

  2. miketil2012 says:

    Thanks. I too could not put down an animal that was not suffering. I have removed a lot of spiders and wasps from my home rather than kill them.

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