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Retired grandfather who has become involved in the welfare of animals and particularly the No Kill Movement. Proud guardian of 5 cats and two dogs, all rescues. Working towards the day when no dogs or cats die needlessly and all animal abusers are punished appropriately.

Newspaper column from May 7th, 2013

Although my columns usually include things more of interest to the local community, I try to make much of each column of interest to everyone.  Comments and responses invited.   THE ANIMALS’ VOICE Well, Mother Nature wasn’t too kind to … Continue reading

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How can you kill a dog or cat?

I follow a lot of animal rescue sites on Facebook.  Many of them show dogs and cats that are due to be killed within a short period of time, usually a day or two.  The rescues are looking for foster … Continue reading

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What defines animal cruelty?  Abandoning an animal?  Leaving an animal at animal control without any information about health, likes, dislikes, behaviors etc?  My daughter recently got a very small dog from a breeder.  The animal was being kept in an … Continue reading

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